Terms of Service

Thank you for your purchase of our services from iSocial Pte. Ltd. ("iSocial").

By agreeing to our Terms of Service and making payment for the services, you hereby agree to the following Terms of Service governing the engagement:

1. No monetary exchanges directly with the staffs.

2. No participation in any criminal or illegal activities.

3. No expectation of prostitution or engagement in sexual services.

4. No offensive language or behaviour towards the staffs.

5. No abusive, violent, threatening behaviour towards the staffs.

6. No changes in meeting place without notifying ABC. Example, picking up the staff in a vehicle instead of proceeding to the venue as previously discussed.

6. Full payment on arrival of the staffs during the engagement. Clients are expected to pay for the staffs' share of any activities and other expenses. Example, cinema tickets,
taxi fares, food, drinks, entrance fees, equipment rental, etc

7. Clients are expected to have the exact amount of payment.

8. Clients are expected to contact iSocial, if require the staffs to stay longer than the stipulated time.

10. Confidentiality, in the event that our staff is spotted at another event, we would seek your understanding to not approach, expose or disclose our staff.

11. There will be no refunds for a completed engagement. If you are unhappy with the engagement, please address your feedback to iSocial which we will review.

12. iSocial has the right to end the engagement should the staffs feel that any of the Terms have been violated or if the staffs feel in any way threatened or any unreasonable demands during the engagement.

13. iSocial reserves the right to take legal action for any unlawful violation of the Terms to the full extent permitted by law.

Should you have any questions, please contact us at feedback@isocialsg.com